Welcome to the Mommy's Camera blog!  This blog is dedicated to all those people with point & shoot cameras who want to keep up with those who have DSLR cameras :) 

Ok, to be honest, I started this blog because I'm intimidated with most of the other photography blogs out there.  I want to learn more about photography but most of the tutorials are way above my head.  Plus, most are written by professional or semi-professional photographers who have DLSR cameras.  I wanted something for your AVERAGE person who doesn't have the money to spend on a super fancy camera or great photo editing software. 

Speaking of photo editing software, in this blog I will be using Gimp and other FREE software, not Photoshop or Photoshop Elements!  Why? Because it's free and your average person can afford it!  Gimp is definitely comparable to Photoshop and there are many add-ons that mimic some of the most popular Photoshop presets! 

My camera?  Well, I started with blog using an embarrassing, 8 year old, 4 mega pixel, Cannon Powershot A80!  In July of 2010, Hubby surprised me with a Canon SX20 IS!  It's a higher-end point & shoot, Bridge or Super Zoom camera.  Huh?  Bridge means that it a step higher than a regular P&S camera and a step below a DSLR.  Super Zoom means that it's got a large zoom range.

I hope you enjoy reading (and hopefully learning along the way) my blog!

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