Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My New Blog!

Mommy‘s Camera

Welcome to my new blog, Mommy's Camera! This blog is dedicated to all those Mommys with point & shoot cameras who pretend to be professional photographers :) Ok, to be honest, I started this blog because I'm intimidated with most of the other photography blogs out there. I want to learn more about photography but most of the tutorials are way above my head. Plus, most are written by professional or semi-professional photographers who have great cameras to start with. I wanted something for your AVERAGE mom who doesn't have the money to spend on a nice camera or great photo editing software. Speaking of photo editing software, in this blog I will be using Gimp, not Photoshop or Photoshop Elements!  Why?  Because Gimp is FREE and your AVERAGE mom can afford it!  Suposedly Gimp is pretty good photo editing software for being FREE.  So far it's above my head and I'm trying to learn that too :)  My camera?  An embarrassing, 8 year old, 4 mega pixel, Cannon Powershot A80!  (See, I really am your average mom with a P&S camera!)
This blog is a work in progress and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go about it.  Bear with me as we learn together.  What are you waiting for?  Join me as I get out of the auto mode of my camera and learn to be a better photographer!

A small edit: On July 29, 2010 Hubby surprised me with a new camera--a Canon SX20 IS!  Read about the surprise here.  Don't worry, it's still a Point and Shoot camera, just a much better one than my A80.

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Lori said...

I can't wait to see what you find out for us other moms who don't know much about cameras and photo editing. I always tell people I am a picture taker that documents life events not a photographer.

Although I have been playing around with some digital scrapbooking and found some tutorials for my elements program.

inadvertent farmer said...

Good Luck with the new blog. I don't use photoshop (although I own it) and use the old Microsoft Picture It photo editing program. I have a nice camera (Olympus Evolt) but have yet to take it off of its pre-programmed settings to try anything in manual...I will be visiting as you journey along with your camera!

Tara said...

great idea for a blog! I use a Sony camera but I am looking into the Digital SLR and I am overwhelmed with that!

Cant wait to see the ideas (and maybe be happy with my digital camera).

Shanda said...

I just found your blog through the Blog Frog. I'm doing challenge very similar to this. I've always wanted to do a 365 photo challenge, but I never thought I could since I don't have a nice camera. I finally quit making excuses. I'm using a little point and shoot that I got on clearance for 69.99. I've actually some decent looking pictures with it too!
I'm looking forward to reading more of your looks like something I could really benefit from.

GAM said...

I just came across your site today and have bookmarked it for whenever I want simple explanations about photography. I am proud to be a point and shooter and though I have toyed with getting a DSLR, ultimately it makes much more sense given what I want from my camera, to stick with a super zoom. After reading your entries, I really dont think Im interested any longer in a DSLR - for all the right reasons enumerated by you!

Good work and I look forward to reading - and learning a lot more.

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