Friday, December 4, 2009

It's ok to have a point and shoot camera

With all my blogging friends talking about wanting or getting DSLRs for Christmas, I feel the need to say it is OK to have just a point and shoot camera.  You see, DSLRs definitely have a learning curve and if you are not willing to learn the camera, it is pointless to have.  Plus, and most importantly, for some people (me included) DSLRs are simply out of the budget.  Heck, even the upgraded point and shoot I want is out of my budget!  With a DSLR, you not only have to buy the camera, you have to buy the lenses to go with it.  Most come with the basic lens/lenses you need, but if you want to get even more fancy you'll need to pay more money.  For me, an average mom who wants to take good pictures of her kids and not much else, a point and shoot camera will do just fine.  The more I learn to get out of auto mode, the better pictures I can take.  From what I'm learning, you CAN do a lot of cool stuff with a point and shoot.  Sure, a DSLR will definitely take better pictures but I don't think I'll care 20 years from now when I'm looking back at the pictures of my kids.  I think the only thing I'll care about then is what my kids looked like, not how "good" or artistic the picture was.  That's just my opinion and I thought I'd give a shout-out to those of us who don't really care to have or can't afford to have a DSLR.

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Melanie said...

Thank you for stopping by my photography blog and commenting. I kind of forgot about. I need to get back to it considering I am always taking photos. I enjoy reading your site. You do great with a Point & Shoot. I also only have a Point & Shoot with hopes of getting a DSLR but it just isn't in our budget either.

Anna said...

You're right! I loved my Canon PowerShot and still use it occasionally when I need to do a short video of the kids. You inspired me to bring my DSLR Canon Rebel out of auto a few weeks ago when I found your blog, you have great and easy to understand explanations. Now I have a 50d and I put it straight in manual when I got it yesterday. I have even shown a few friends of mine that always keep their DSLR camera's in auto your blog. Thanks!

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