Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogging Changes

I'm making a few changes with my blogging--some exciting, some important to know, and some simply, well, changes.  We'll start with the need to know stuff:
1)  Many of you may have found me through my first blog- From Memories To Books.  I have decided to decrease my activity on that blog (if you haven't noticed already) and make it more business oriented again.  I will be simplifying that blog, getting rid of the buttons and community stuff, and making it completely Heritage Makers focused again.  Why?  Because now I have this blog that I can have fun with :)  Sooo.....if you have my From Memories To Books button on your blog, could you please exchange it for my Mommy's Camera button?  Most people will be more interested in reading Mommy's Camera vs. From Memories To Books (or at least that's what I'm assuming).  Thanks!
2)  I bought my domain!  My new blog address is  I dropped the .blogspot so I could look more "professional" (not that I really am "professional"...).  Please use my new blog address from now on. 

3)  Actually, I really bought my domain simply so I could have an email address to match my blog :)  My new email address is  I realize that I didn't need to pay $10 to buy a domain to have an email to match my blog.  I could have simply used a free service and had something like, but I just didn't like that.  I like much better!  Please use from now on.4)  I started yet another blog.  Yep that makes three (!) blogs for me now!  My new blog, Jamie's PAD ( is a very stripped down blog that I am just using for my Picture A Day Challenge.  Thought I'd throw it out to people though in case you want to get a glimpse into my everyday life.  I will only be updating that blog once a week as I have too much other stuff to do on a daily basis!
5)  I will once again be playing around with the layout of my blog.  I'm not quite thrilled with it yet.  Bear with me as things may look funny for a while until I find what I like.
I think that sums up my blogging changes for now!  Questions, comments, and constructive criticism area always welcome as I go through these changes!

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Arizona Mamma said...

Fun. Change is good.

Helga said...

Yeah for your own domain :o) I want to buy mine too, I will do that eventually! I can't wait to see how this all turns out!

How is Tottie?? I hope she is feeling like her old self again :o)

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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