Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Days in the Hospital

It's hard being on the opposite side of the crib...

...watching your little daughter so sick, knowing everything that's going to happen, and not being able to do anything to change things.
Tottie was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night.  It actually started on Friday afternoon when Hubby called me at work to tell me Tottie had a fever.  She also started vomiting.  I called in "ill child" for work on Saturday and by that afternoon, Tottie's fever was up to 104.6 and it was not responding to Motrin.  She had vomited a few times in the morning but stopped in the afternoon because she had nothing in her stomach.  Early evening I brought her in to our local urgent care.  They checked her ears and throat and said everything looked good as far as that goes, but with a fever that high she would need some more tests.  I knew that was going to happen.  What I didn't know was that our local urgent care can't do those tests on children that young.  I was sent to Children's Hospital--my work.  

There they poked her 7 times to try to start an IV and get the blood work they needed for the tests.  They also put a catheter in her bladder to get some urine (to rule out a bladder infection) and took an abdominal x-ray to rule out a bowel obstruction (because she hadn't pooped in 2.5 days and normally she poops twice a day). 
Again, I knew these things were going to happen.  I just didn't know Tottie was so dehydrated that it would take 7 attempts at getting the blood they needed and they only got the bare minimum

It's hard being on the opposite side of the crib.  This is suppose to be me poking someone elses child 7 times to get blood work.  Not one of my co-workers poking my child 7 times.  I knew how much blood work they needed and each time they poked her I knew they would have to do it again.  The good sad thing is, she was so lethargic that she didn't put up much of a fight. 
The x-ray came back ok.  It showed a lot of stool and gas, but no obstruction (thank God).  Her blood work came bad enough that they told me she would need to be admitted overnight for IV fluids.  That, I did not know was going to happen.
(I now have more sympathy for parents who stay with their children.  I completely understand not wanting to leave but will emphasize even more to leave and get at least one good night of sleep at home.  Sleep, hospital, and ill child are not a good combo.)
After a restless sleep, we awoke with the confidence that we were going home.  We just needed the blood work to confirm it.  That didn't happen....Tottie's lab work was still off in the morning and she hadn't pooped yet.  The doctor thought she didn't have enough free fluid to make the stool soft to push out.  We decided to watch her through the day and make a plan in the afternoon.

We spent the day getting Tottie hydrated with IV fluids and juice.  She also got a stool softner.

By evening, Tottie looked better but not 100% and she still hadn't pooped.  We decided it was best to keep her one more night.  Hopefully the labs would look better in the morning.

Success!  Tottie pooped late evening after a second stool softner, her labs looked not perfect, but better, in the morning, and best of all, she was 100% back to herself!
We were discharged from the hospital late morning today.  We got home, ate, showered, and took a nap!

It's hard being on the opposite side of the crib.  Knowing so much but not knowing enough.  I can't imagine what it's like for parents who don't know as much as I do.

One last comment before I end.....remember my Advice for Parents of Hospitalized Children post?  Remember post #5?--Hospital floors are gross.  Do not let your child roll around on them while throwing a tantrum.  Yeah, I'll eat my words on that one....This morning my child rolled around on the gross hospital floor while throwing a temper tantrum because I wouldn't let her play with my cell phone.  I tried to pick her up off of the gross floor and put her on the couch but she quickly got off the couch and continued to throw a tantrum on the floor.  When her tantrum was done, she got a partial bath!

*Some of these pictures were taken on my cell phone before Hubby brought me the camera thus the quality is a bit poor and they are fuzzy.

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alessandra said...

Poor precious girl, I'm glad she's better.

Heidi said...

(((((HUGS)))))) Hope your little one keeps feeling better!

Catharine @Bliss Photography said...

oh jamie, I'm so sorry. how scary! I really can't imagine, especially knowing too much as a nurse. Glad you are home and better!

Arizona Mamma said...

The last picture left me with tears in my eyes.

Brenda said...

Oh Jaime! My heart was breaking and I was crying while I was reading this. Your poor little angel. I couln't even imagine what you have been through. Especially when your on the other side. So glad she's doing better. Hope things improve fast. ((Hugs)).

Helga said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Tottie was so sick! It is so horrible when our children are sick and we can't do anything to make it better. I'm glad to hear that she is doing better now :o)

drea said...

I'm so thankful she is home, doing well. What a scary time for you.

Patrice said...

I am glad to read that your baby girl is doing much better! Enjoyed reading your blog!

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