Friday, February 5, 2010

No Child, No Family, No Nurse.....

No child should ever have to suffer at the hands of an adult.
No family should ever have to grieve the loss of a child who has suffered at the hands of an adult.
No nurse should ever have to comfort the grieving family of a child who has died at the hands of an adult.

I BEG YOU....if you are angry, frustrated, or can't handle it any more, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE just WALK AWAY!  
Do NOT take it out on the child!

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Anonymous said...


Keli said...

Walk away and seek help, please!

Cop Mama said...

I was an investigator in our child abuse unit for 2 years. I saw these cases. I didn't have children then, thank goodness!

Now, having children of my own, I just can't comprehend people who do such acts.

bella said...

Hi Jamie, Thank you so kindly for stopping by to visit my blog. I became one of your followers and hope to learn more about photography, it seems to be my biggest blogging weakness. Enjoy your precious time with your little ones; mine are grown and gone and it happens far too quickly. Hope you stop by again and maybe tell me how to improve my photography (and I will take it very positively!) Roz

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