Thursday, February 11, 2010

Self Portrait Contest

*This contest is now closed*
How many pictures do you have of yourself? If you're like me, not many because you are always the one taking the pictures. I challenged myself to take self portrait and now I'm challenging you!

Welcome to Mommy's Camera's Self Portrait Contest! Take a picture of yourself, post it on your blog, link up here, and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to either Target or Walmart (winner's choice). I know $10 isn't much but that's all that I can afford! I will pick my two favorite photos, and guest judge Catharine from Bliss Photography will pick her two favorite photos. Those four photos will then be posted in a new blog post for my readers to pick the ultimate winner of the gift certificate! See my vlog (complete with outtakes) below for the rules of this contest:
Ok, just in case you were distracted by my outtakes I went too fast, here's the rules again:
1) It's a self portrait contest therefore, you must take the photo yourself. Use a mirror, a tripod, a chair, or anything else to prop your camera so that you can take a picture of yourself.
2) You must be able to see at least 2/3 of your face. (What's a picture of yourself if you can't see your face?)
3) Any kind of photo editing IS allowed.
4) You may use a picture you've already taken of yourself but it must have been taken within the last month. We want recent photos but I don't want you to have to re-do them if you just took self portraits.
5) You photo must not have been submitted in any other contest anywhere else.
*By submitting your photo into this contest, you give Mommy's Camera permission to post your picture on Mommy's Camera blog should you be chosen as one of the 4 finalists. Mommy's Camera will only use your photo ONCE and ONLY in the finalist post. Mommy's Camera will link back to your blog.

Start snapping and link up! This contest will end February 24th at midnight. Finalists will be chosen by February 28th and reader voting will begin after that. Final winner will be announced on March 8th.

  1. Mine doesnt count : )
  2. Mrs. Mommy from Our Lil Kingdom
  3. krista @ krista lucas photography
  4. TexasHeather at Musings on the Move
  1. Life With D and H
  2. Brandy @ Not So Average Mama
  3. Just me no make - up no editing!!

  4. This linky list is now closed.

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Heather said...

Cool, this is going to be fun. :)
Now I have to choose either a picture I just took last week or take a new one...decisions, decisions. :)

Alison said...

Ooh, I should try to do this... I don't have any recent pics of me at all! I am always behind the camera...

Not So Average Mama said...

Fun stuff!

TexasHeather said...

Is the reader voting happening yet? I can't find it on the blog...maybe I'm missing something....??

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