Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Try Something New Tuesdays

Try Something New Tuesdays

Welcome to Try Something New Tuesday, a place for you to step out of your photography comfort zone and try something new! Use a different mode on your camera, a photo editing technique you’ve always wanted to try, a new texture you found, or even something as simple as using a different angle while shooting. Anything goes, as long as it’s something new you’ve done this week. “Failures” are welcome! After all, we’re trying something new!

I have often thought it would be cool to take pictures of the car lights when driving at night. Of course, I always think about it when I'm driving or when I don't have my camera with me. Well, this past weekend, I thought about it, my husband was driving, and I had my camera! I put my camera in shutter priority mode (so I could control my shutter speed), started clicking away, and tried something new--photographing the car lights at night:
action mode 1/15, f3.2, 400

 Tv mode 1/5, f3.2, 400

Tv mode 1/5, 4.5, 400

Tv mode 0"5, f5.6, 400

Tv mode 0"3, f4.9, 400

Ok, so I failed. I wouldn't say I failed miserably though. I learned a few things:
1) it's impossible to hold your camera still on a bumpy road
2) my pictures would have turned out great had I been able to hold still (at least in my mind they would have been great)
3) even mistake pictures can turn out kinda cool
4) your husband will think you're nuts when you take pictures of "nothing"
5) playing around with your shutter speed can be fun
6) sometimes action mode is better than shutter priority mode

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun and try something new with your camera or photo editing software. You might just learn a thing or two! MckLinky will be open until Thursday at midnight.

  1. Jamie @ Mommys Camera
  2. Just Another Blogging Mommy
  3. Portraits - Blogging from Bolivia

    This linky list is now closed.

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Laura said...

You'll have to have him pull over next time so you're not in motion! :)

I may join in next week! I've been trying tons of new things on my camera lately, so I should be able to come up with something.

Michelle said...

Just wanted to let you know I couldn't get the code for your Try Something New Tuesday button to work. I don't know anything about html, so I'm not sure what the problem is- just wanted to let you know. I linked to your post in mine, but if you get the button fixed (or let me know what I'm doing wrong with it!), I'll be happy to edit my post to include it.

Courtney said...

My problem is, I have no idea how to use MckLinky!

Laura said...

So I realized that you said this would be open until THURSDAY, so I got something together! I'll put it up this afternoon :)

Jamie H said...

Courtney, I sent you an email.
Using MckLinky is easy! Just click the "you are next...click here..." then in the title are put your name @your blog name or just your blog name. Then in the next area copy and put the link to your post (not your blog). Then hit "enter your link". Easy, peasy!

Jamie H said...

Michelle, I left a comment on your blog :)

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Fun meme idea.

I have a friend who takes awesome night photos. Great start.

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