Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Camera, No Internet

It all started last Wednesday when this little stinker pot innocent child
stole the memory card from my camera and hit it somewhere in the house.  I was without my camera for almost an entire week!  The worst part was that I missed 4th of July pictures!  My Mother-in-Law found the memory card by accident in the corner under Nutty's bed on Monday morning.  Yahoo!  Time to take some pictures for another blog post!
Yeah....our internet modem fried itself on Monday afternoon.  It took until just now for our internet company to replace it.  I went almost 3 whole days without real internet!  Sure, I was able to connect via my phone but I can't do much on my phone. 
I'm now fully back online but I have to work this evening, the kids need lunch, and the house needs cleaning....

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1 comment:

Heather said...

We've all had those problems- no internet or computer or whatever piece of technology it is, for a while. :)
Glad you found the memory card!

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