Thursday, July 15, 2010

On the other side of the crib again

Some of you may remember my post back in January about spending two days in the hospital with Tottie.  Yesterday, I was back on the opposite side of the crib again.  This time, thank God, it was only for a half day.
(Above photo taken in the pre-op room)
Tottie had to have an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy because of some bowel issues she's been having.  Though it was done at the hospital I work at, with doctors, anesthetists, and nurses that I work with on a near daily basis, it is definitely more difficult when it is your own child and you are on the opposite side of the crib.
I was allowed to go into the operating room with Tottie and held her while they put her to sleep using a mask.  Watching your own child's eyes roll back as they fall asleep is heartbreaking!  I cried as I left her in the hands of people I trust with my child's life 100%.  It was a little comforting that I personally knew everyone in operating the room. 
In the hall on the way to the surgical waiting room I ran into my friend Timmy.  She works in the PACU (recovery room) and told me she would keep an eye out for Tottie.  As it turns out, Tottie ended up to be Timmy's patient!  How great to have Tottie wake up in the arms of a good friend of mine!
All went well, and we were in and out in 4.5 hours.  Tottie slept most of the rest of the day.  As far as results or anwers go, we don't really have any yet.  We have to wait for the biposies and lab work to come back before we get definite (or indefinite) answers.  We do however, have some hope that we may have a solution to bowel issues that have been troubling Tottie since essentially birth.

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Lindsi said...

poor baby girl AND mommy
Hope you get some answers!!!

Christine:) said...

Ugh. I know that feeling all too well of handing over your little one for surgery. I'm a nurse too, and while it does make it a little bit better because we understand more of what's going on, it also can make it scarier because we do understand! Ha. I hope you guys are doing okay and that you get a good report.

S.I.F. said...

Poor thing! I know how out of it I am when I come out of surgery... I can't imagine that as a toddler who has no real idea what is going on! I am so glad your friend was able to be there for you both, and I really hope you find some answers here soon!

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