Monday, August 23, 2010

The Moon and a Little Oops

I've seen some awesome pictures of the moon taken with a Canon SX 20 IS on Flickr.  I couldn't wait to take a try at capturing one of those shots.  The other night, the moon decided to cooperate with me and I was able to get the photo I wanted:
Can't remember the mode.  I think it was either Night or Program AE.  f 5.7, 1/400, ISO 400

It's not a perfect shot.  I didn't have a tripod so if you look close, it's slightly blurry.  It's also just a hair grainy because I used 80x digital zoom.  I could try to clean it up with noise reduction and sharpening but I'm a bit too lazy so this a straight out of the camera shot.

Now for my little oops that I just have to vent...My neighborhood had a block party a few nights ago.  I took a ton of pictures and was really excited to upload them into my computer and see how they turned out.  I plugged in my memory card to my computer and the pictures were all missing!  I freaked out!  At the advice of a friend, I Googled the problem and discovered that I had forgot to format my memory card when I put it in my camera.  Thank God I was able to download a recovery program and get the majority of the pictures off of my card.  I did lose a couple of them though.  Lesson learned: format your memory card when you put it in your camera for the first time!

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carlotta said...

The moon shot is absolutely stunning!

Nicole said...

What a wonderful shot! That is amazing!

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