Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st Day of School and Other Changes

As Davie Bowie put it, it's "time to face the strange ch, ch, changes..."  So many things going on around here I feel like the world is spinning around me and I'm standing still!
Disclaimers before I move on: 1) This post will be littered with pictures from Nutty's first day of preschool because that's the only thing I have pictures of.  2)  I edited Nutty's real name out of of the pictures.
It all started with Nutty's first day of swimming lessons.  Last session she simply got used to the water and to putting her head under it.  This session she's actually learning how to swim!
Hubby called me at work on Tuesday the 14th to tell me that Tottie had peed on the potty for the very first time!  She's been playing with her potty for a couple of weeks but she finally actually peed on it on Tuesday.  We are now in the thick of potty training!
Then Nutty had her first day of Preschool yesterday.  She was so excited!  This is her second year and she has the same teachers. 
  Last year she was nervous and hesitant about going to school.  This year she walked in all by herself like a pro.  I wanted to cry!
That same day, the girls' bunk beds were delivered to our house.  Time to move Tottie out of her crib and Nutty out of her toddler bed.  When did they get so big??
Last but not least, I'm making a major change in my work schedule.  I currently work evenings at the hospital.  It works well because we don't have to have daycare for the kids but I miss eating dinner with my family and putting my girls to bed every night.  Hubby and I feel like single parents working opposite schedules.
I have decided to take a Baylor position.  I will work every single weekend but will be home with my family during the week.  I will only be working 24 hours but will get the pay and benefits of working 36 hours!  (That's the trade-off for giving up your weekends.)  I'm a little nervous about the change but am looking forward to being a family again.
  There you have it...Major changes.  My girls are growing up way to fast and I'm having a hard time with it!

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Shelinwa said...

Looking forward to pics!
She is soo cute

Ashley said...

Wow! Lots of changes! Congrats on the big move for work. I'm sure the sacrifice will be worth it for your family!

Laura (Blogging from Bolivia) said...

Great shots! She's adorable and I love her shoes! She looks so excited :)

I hope the new schedule works out for you - it sounds like a good change!

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