Monday, December 13, 2010

Minnesota Blizzard 2010--Part 1

It started snowing on Friday night and continued all day Saturday. 
All said and done, my house got 15 inches of snow.
Minnesota got it's 5th worst blizzard in recorded history this past weekend. As of today (Monday) people are still digging out.
I had to work despite the blizzard. That's one of the perks of being a nurse, you know :)  Driving to work on Saturday morning wasn't too bad.  The roads weren't plowed and it was slow going, but there wasn't a lot of snow yet.
Driving home was an entirely different story! I wish I would have had my camera because I saw some interesting sites! There were cars in the ditch everywhere, non-existent exit and entrance ramps, cars abandoned in the middle of the freeway, people walking down the middle of the freeway...It was all very surreal and felt like I was driving through the end of the world. I made it home safely when my shift ended at 3:30 pm but 45 of my colleagues at the hospital who's shift ended at 7:30 pm ended up staying overnight at work. I would have done the same.
Hubby started snow plowing our driveway when I called him to tell him I was leaving. By the time I got home, snow was already starting to pile up again.
When I got home from work, Hubby again braved the blizzard and walked around the side of our house to get wood for a fire.
Later that evening, I curled up with the dog next to that fire and fell asleep...

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Jen@Scrapingirl said...

WOW!!! Us here in MI didn't get nearly those ammounts, but it was enough. :) Be safe if you have to go out.

LauraC said...

If we get one inch of snow, we are shut down in NC!
That is a great reason to live here. Too much working in blizzards in Chicago.

Lindsi said...

when all was said and done we got 21.5 inches (and I only live 35 minutes from Jamie) =)

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