Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Love Spark & Style Event


I had a TON of fun this past Saturday at the Minnesota Blog Love Spark & Style Event!  It was my first Minnesota bloggers get together and I must say I was NOT disappointed!  Blog Love Spark & Style was lead by Kristin and Chris Ann of LoveFeast Table, hosted by Houndstooth Boutique, and sponsored by Therapon skin care.


There was great food and drinks, plenty of socializing, and fun music provided by The Real DJ Kane.


I meant to get a picture of DJ Kane but I completely spaced on it! If you know anything about clubbing or hip-hop music in the Twin Cities, you've heard of DJ Kane!
In addition to food, drinks, socializing and music, there was also a small fashion show featuring some local bloggers and spring fashions from Houndstooth...


...and makeup provided by Chanel reps from Bloomingdales at the MOA.


I FINALLY got to meet some gals I've been chatting with online...



 ...and meet some awesome new friends!



Allison, Moriah, Jo (with little Harper)
Yes, this little precious thing totally stole the night!


She was so well behaved, I never heard her cry once, and she totally soaked up being passed around all the women!  She slept for brief periods but was wide awake for most of the event!


At the end of the Blog Love Spark & Style event we all got these awesome swag bags filled with fabulous stuff from the sponsors, local companies, and bloggers!

I really, seriously, had a GREAT time at Spark & Style!  It was a ton of fun getting to know bloggers of all genres, meeting people in real life, hanging out with real women.  I was actually shocked about how non-clicky, friendly, and welcoming everyone was.  As a new person to an event like this, it can be a bit intimidating.  After the first few minutes, I felt like I fit right in!  I can't wait to go to another Blog Love event or Minnesota bloggers get-together!

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Jo said...

So absolutely fabulous meeting you. Harper and I had a great time. Thank you for taking such nice pics of us. :)

Elle said...

SO fun meeting you, Jamie!! We'll have to arrange to do it again soon. :) Love your bubbly personality & warmth.

Oh, and that's Samara Postuma :)

Patty Ann said...

Totally jealous!! I think it sounds so amazing!

Moriah said...

Loved meeting you and so glad to have found your blog! I'm a photography dummie and have a lot to learn! :) Hopefully meet you again soon!

LoveFeast Table said...

I love your pics!! It was so fun to get to know the Minnesota bloggers and now that I have found your site and photography tips, I'll be back.
Thank you for coming and helping to make BlogLove a fun evening!

Ruby Girl said...

great shots from the event! it was fun meeting you here. i hope to see you again soon! <3

Marketing Mama said...

Amazing Pics - and it was SO FABULOUS to meet you in person! :)

Caitlin {Pacifier In My Pocket} said...

What a cool event. Great pictures! Looks like a blast!

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