Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Excuse My Absence

Excuse me if I am absent from Mommy's Camera over the next couple of weeks.  At the risk of losing followers, advertising, page rank, and all that other stuff of this blog, I am taking a brief leave of absence to embark on a new adventure.  

My friend Lindsi and I are starting on a new blog titled Toys In The Dryer!  Please note that if you click on the link, the blog is still a WORK IN PROGRESS and doesn't officially go live until September 5th.  This just gives you a sneak peak at it.  The look WILL change over the next few days and weeks. 

Don't worry, after the official launch of Toys In The Dryer, I will resume all my fun stuff and tutorials on Mommy's Camera.  I am not leaving this blog in the dust, I am simply expanding my blogging horizons!

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Reagan said...

YAY! and How fun! and can't wait!

Lindsi said...

CANT wait!!

Liz said...

Oh how cool! Good luck with your new site!

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