Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Adventure...

Wondering where I've been lately?  I've been working on a fun new adventure!

My friend Lindsi (from Our Lil Kingdom) and I have started a new blog called Toys In The Dryer!  We went live today, September 5th, 2011!  Toys In The Dryer is a funny and informative blog containing activities to do with your kids, snack ideas, expert interviews on many topics, and a meme!

Don't worry, I'm not leaving Mommy's Camera.  I'm simply expanding my horizons.  After all, I'm not just a photography nut, I'm a mom!   I'll be back to the grind of photography related posts most likely next week as my agenda for this week is FULL!

Monday: Toys In The Dryer goes live!
Tuesday:  Nutty's orientation day for Kindergarten.  First day of swimming lessons.
Wednesday:  Nutty's first day of Kindergarten!  (Will write a post about it)
Thursday:  Get together with some friends.
Friday:  Work during the day and then a Tweet-Up in the evening.
Saturday:  The Minnesota Blogger Conference!  (Will write a re-cap post)

PHEW!  Told you I'm full!  While you wait for my next photography related posts, go ahead and check out Toys In The Dryer.  We're sure you'll like it!

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