Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spider in Macro

Let me start this post by saying that I am TERRIFIED of spiders!  They completely creep me out.  Especially spiders like this one.  So how did these photos come about?  Here's how:

I'm cleaning up after dinner...Hubby is balancing our hot tub...
Hubby: "Honey come quick and grab your camera!"
Me:  "Why?"
"Just grab your camera...there's a spider I want you to take a picture of."
"A spider?!?"
"Yeah, it's so cool!  It's got big body!"  
"I hate spiders!"
"Just grab your camera..."

Me:  "How's this?
Hubby: "That's not close enough.  I want to see the spider."
Me:  "Fine, go get my macro lens then."

Me:  "Are these better?"
Hubby: "Yeah, can you get his face?"
"His face?!?"
Me shuddering, me freaking out, me panicking...Mind you, I'm still as far away as the first picture, but when the macro lens makes the spider look like this...

...despite being a little over a foot away...a girl gets a bit jumpy!

In fact, most of my photos of the spider look like...

...yeah.  The spider would move a tiny little bit, and I'd freak out!  I did, however, manage to get the photo Hubby wanted:

"Perfect" according to Hubby.  What we're going to do with the photo, I have no clue...

It felt good to get my macro lens back out.  I just wish my first photos weren't of a terrifying spider!

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Angie said...

Love the last pic! I would be jumpy too!

Imelda said...

they do look like little monsters. :-) Nice pics. When they creep you out, just put them under your foot. Monster no more! :-)

Side Street Style said...

Wow I love the close up...those eyes are amazing!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier this following yours

Laura x

Jen said...

Ack, now we understand the fear. Look at that face. EWW!!!

thanks fro stopping by my blog. I love making new friends!

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