Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Discovering Christmas

We put up our Christmas tree a couple of days ago.  While we were at it, Nutty had the perfect pose next to the Christmas tree that I couldn't help snapping a picture.  I was so excited when it turned out!

ISO 200 1/8 F 3.2
I was even more excited when I managed to snap a picture of Tottie in almost the exact same pose!

ISO 200 1/8 F3.2
Is it bad to say I like Tottie's a little better? I mean, there's nothing more precious than a little child discovering Christmas!
Playing around with my settings, I realize that I didn't get them quite right.  If you look real close, you'll see that both pictures are slightly out of focus.  I also could have had my white balance on.  Any constructive criticism/feedback is always welcome!  It helps to know what I could do better for next time :)

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Melanie said...

Such precious photos!! I use LightRoom's free beta version to fix my photos. You can download presets to go with it. My photos are always out of focus with white balance off. =)

*Jess* said...

I think they are beautiful shots :)

Catharine @Bliss Photography said...

1/8 is a little slow for a shutter speed for this type of photo, especially hand held. Bracing yourself on a table or wall will help to steady yourself and take some of the blur out. You could also probably bump your iso up to 400 and still get ok noise. Great captures though!

Jamie H said...

Thanks Catharine! That's exactly the feedback I'm looking for!

UrbanIdeas said...

Gorgeous photos! the expressions in their faces are priceless, congratulations!

Christine:) said...

Beautiful pictures- I don't know anything about photography other than to turn it on and take the pictures- but those look gorgeous to me!:)

Helga said...

These pictures are beautiful. I need to learn how to take pictures like these with my camera :o)

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