Monday, December 14, 2009

Playback Mode

Hmmm....I guess it helps to read the beginning of my camera's owner's manual too.  Had I known earlier what I discovered yesterday, it would have saved me a whole lot of problems.  We all know what "playback mode" is on our camera.  It's when you look back at all the pictures you've taken on your camera.  Playback mode can be used for so much more though!  I discovered yesterday that I have a detailed playback mode!

What's so special about this and why am I so excited?  All those times I've taken pictures and not known what I've done right or wrong for settings, now I can look back and find out!  All the settings are displayed on the detailed playback!  I can't believe I didn't discover this earlier!  If you are trying to get out of auto mode, try seeing if your camera has a detailed playback.  Then you can find out what you are doing right or wrong!  No excuse that I didn't know what setting my camera was on now!

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Ashley said...

Good find! It's amazing all the things on a camera you don't know about for years sometimes!

Ross said...

I just bought a new camera and this has been one of the biggest helps to me. On my camera I'm able to check the histogram upon playback to check out exactly what my exposure was like. Love it!

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