Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm too lazy

I took a lot of pictures of nothing during Christmas because I thought they would look cool in a blog post titled "My Christmas In Pictures".  I took pictures of the snow storm I had to drive in to and from work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

the Christmas Morning Sticky Buns that have become a tradition in my family on holiday mornings
the ham that smelled SOOO good cooking in the crock pot

the chocolates that Hubby used as an excuse to get out of the house the morning of the 26th (the day we celebrated with his family)

so that he could exchange my old cell phone for this new one and surprise me

the pink wine glass that the men REFUSED to drink out of
and many other nothing pictures.
However, I am just too lazy to sort through those nothing pictures to create a post titled "My Christmas In Pictures".  Instead, I will leave you with these two fun pictures I took:

and this picture of my mulled wine just for Ashley

it turned out SOOO good!  Yes, I know that I put the spices straight into the wine but when you've had a few glasses already you don't really care if you get small bits of spice in your glass!

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*Jess* said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Cop Mama said...

The ham looks delish!

Your baby girl is so precious holding the ornament.

The Garden Bell said...

What a lovely Christmas you all had. Love the pictures of the reflection in the ornaments. Great job. That ham looks mighty yummie.

Keep snapping away, even when it's hard to find something to take a picture of with all the snow.

Ashley said...

Yay! I am just catching up on some blog reading now and saw this post! Thanks for the shout out and I am so glad the mulled wine turned out! Happy New Year to you!

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