Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where has Blogger the frog been? A contest!

Where IS Blogger the frog???

Blogger the frog was last officially seen traveling in Germany back in February!  He's been spotted around the BlogFrog headquarters, has made a few cameo appearances other places, and recently attended Bloggy Bootcamp in Phoenix, AZ, but why hasn't he been seen traveling around people's blogs?

Blogger took some time off from travels to visit his family in Colorado (those are his family members you've been seeing in the BlogFrog newsletters!). 
Unfortunately, one of Blogger's family members is ill.  That's where you (and a contest) come in! 
Take a look at these pictures then head on over to my community on the BlogFrog.  Come up with a story telling which family member is ill and what he/she is ill with. 
Followers of Mommy's Camera and members of the BlogFrog will then vote on who comes up with the best story about Blogger's family member.  The winner will get a Blogger the frog to keep and one to send traveling again!
Head on over to my community on the BlogFrog and let the fun begin!  Contest ends June 10th and voting will begin June 11th.

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Ashley said...

Cute idea! I'll start thinking of a good story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! I am following your blog now from MBC! My name is Tina and my website is
Would appreciate your following me back. Thanks!

Romesh said...

hehe...U r creative

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