Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun Photos

Just a few fall fun photos.  I realized I hadn't posted any recent pictures of my girls.  I'm sure you miss seeing their cute faces!
The top two pictures are my girls in our yard having fun raking leaves.  The next few pictures are from the pumpkin patch/apple orchard with my friend Lindsi.  That's her in the back left (the pregnant one).  Her son is next to her, then comes Nutty and Tottie's cousin, Lindsi's daughter, Nutty, Lindsi's son, and Tottie.  We were on a hay ride through the apple orchard.

It was a bit crazy with 5 young kids and two adults.  Thank God Nutty and Tottie's cousin is older and was a HUGE help!
I was talking with Lindsi on our outing about how I miss the real, pick-your-own pumkin patches. Every patch we've been to over the past few years have already picked pumpkins laying out.  Low and behold, last week I drove by a pick-your-own patch a few miles from our house!  Hubby and I took the girls the other day.

It is strictly a pumpkin patch and nothing else but it sure was fun to watch the girls wander through the field searching for the perfect pumpkin!  Nutty had fun finding corn stalks too!

Do you see anything wrong with the above pictures?  No?  Keep in mind, it's October in Minnesota.  Now do you see anything wrong?  My girls are wearing shorts and t-shirts or jeans and t-shirts!  Yes, we've had an unseasonably warm October!

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Render Me Mama said...

Beautiful! I love the second one. She looks like she is having a BLAST!

Lindsi said...

VERY cool photos! I love them!

Ashley said...

I am loving this October weather!! And to be able to enjoy all these fall festivities in good weather makes them all the more fun! Hey, isn't your birthday this week? I think it's the day after mine...I remember things like this for some reason. So, if I am right..happy birthday week! :)

Jamie H said...

Wow! Seriously Ashley? You remembered my birthdy?? Yep. My 32nd birthday is on Friday!! Happy Birthday to you too!

reagan said...

I love these photos. You are so talented! (and what cute little ones you have!)

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