Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Budding Photographers

My parents gave Nutty and Tottie cameras for Christmas so they could take photos like their mom.

Nutty got a real (but extremely cheap) 5.1 mega pixel "big girl camera" and Tottie got a 1.5 mega pixel kids camera.  They were so excited to take pictures of anything and everything they saw!  Keep in mind that Nutty is 4.5 years old and Tottie is just over 2 years old.  While most of Nutty's pictures looked like this:

And most of Tottie's pictures looked like this:

(notice the finger in the way in the right bottom corner)

Both did manage to get some decent pictures:

Above is from Nutty's camera, Below is from Tottie's camera.

I thought it was very fun to see the world through their eyes (or lens).  What I thought was even more fun was to see:

What it looks like when the girls take pictures of each other!

And this is what it looks like when Nutty takes a picture of Tottie taking a picture of me!

I definitely think I've got some budding photographers on my hands--don't you?

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Sarah Halstead said...

Aww. So cute!! I wanted to get Dustyn a camera. Maybe for his birthday.

Patty Ann said...

How much fun is all of this!! Just think, they are loving it so much because you love it too. It is something they can share with you. Love it!!

Deb Chitwood said...

What great gifts! It looks like your girls are having so much fun - and developing a true love of photography! Thanks so much for sharing your post in the Living Montessori Now Blog Frog Community! Deb @

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