Thursday, December 30, 2010

Macro Friday--MY NEW LENS!

Small edit: This post was not suppose to be published until tomorrow am (Friday)!  I must have set the date wrong when I set the auto publish.  Since half the world has probably seen this post already, I will leave it up.  Kinda bummed that it published early though :( 

Happy Friday to you all! More importantly, Happy Macro Friday! I've been not so patiently waiting all week for this post! 
Guess what I got for Christmas??  A macro lens for my camera!!!  I'm so excited and I've never been more in love with macro photography since I got this lens!  It's a Raynox DCR250 lens and it clips to the end of my camera barrel.  It's one of the few lenses you can attach to my camera (Canon SX20 IS) because it's light weight enough not to ruin it.

One Of My Super Macro RIGS! A Canon PowerShot SX10 IS/Raynox DCR-250/TRK Extension Tube Adapter combination

(Source for this picture here.  I obviously couldn't take a picture of my own camera.  I have an SX20 and this is an SX10 but it's virtually the same camera)

Here's my official Macro Friday photo:

candle wick

Confused as to what it is? Its a burning candle wick.  See the flame around the wick?  I would have never been able to get this shot without my new lens! 

Now, let's really show what this lens can do!  Keep in mind these things when looking at my photos though:
1)  All of these are SOOC (straight out of the camera).  I did not edit any of them.
2)  I did NOT use a tripod so the photos are not as clear as they could be.  I got a little camera shake because my camera was hand-held.
3)  I'm still very much getting used to this lens.  It's kinda touchy!

carpet fibers

This is the photo that really made me realize how great this lens is.  On the left is my camera on macro setting without the lens.  It simply looks like a patch of carpet.  On the right is my new lens.  You can see individual carpet fibers!  How cool is that?!


On the left, camera without the lens, on the right, my new lens.  Notice on the left, in order to get that close I got a shadow from my camera.  With my new lens, closer and no shadow!

Two more cool examples:

snow flake

Letter N

Last, but not least, remember this Macro Friday post? Check it out with my new lens!


Now that's what I call macro!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! These are great. I want a macro lens so badly!

Mom of M&Ms said...

how awesome for you! Great shots.. enjoy playing.. but ya made me panic when I saw macro friday.. I had to check my calender LOL

Ashley Sisk said...

That is so cool. Congrats on the new lens! Have fun with it.

Nessa said...

how cool! what a difference

Susan said...

Wonderful captures! Thanks for demonstrating the difference between macro setting and "real" macro. What a difference!
Enjoy your gifty!

Patty Ann said...

oh, that is amazing. I wonder if they make one for my nikon???

Anika said...

So coool! I have lens envy now.

justine said...

looks like you are having a great time with your new lens, love your shots, congratulations!

Evelyn S. said...

I got a new camera that does macro beautifully, but I, too, have a little shake in some cases. I just might get out my 'gorilla-pod' and see how it works. Isn't new photography equipment great? Happy New Year!

Janice said...

Beautiful photo! And your new lens is amazing. I was very interested in your comparison shots...what a difference.

Barbara said...

Wow, these are fabulous shots! Love that one of the candle wick burning. I don't use photo shop either (far too expensive), but I do tweak things in paint shop :O) Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a wonderful 2011.

Anonymous said...

I loove your candle wick shot. I never would have guessed what that one was!

Congrats on the new lens! I would sell my right arm some days for a proper macro lens lol.

Have a happy year in 2011 ^_^

Adrienne said...

OH man! You just made me want to get a macro lens like, RIGHT NOW! hahaha. Great shots! Oh man... *sooooo jealous*

I started Project365, where you take a picture every day for the next 365 days! I thought maybe you would be interested in joining in with me!

I put up a linky list on my blog today so that other people doing Project365 could share their first Project365 photo for this year!

Stop by! Join in! Link up!

Arizona Mamma said...

Holy cow. That thing is great. I need a macro lens. But I have so many other things taking front runner right now.

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