Monday, January 31, 2011

Buildings--A Photogaphy Challenge

I'm a little late in entering Twisted Fate's Building Photography Challenge, but I always say, better late than never!


I've often looked out the window of our break room at work and thought this building would make a cool photo.  I FINALLY took my camera to work one day and snapped it!  I'm happy with the results.  What do you think?

Take a look at some other cool buildings:

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Anonymous said...

That is sweet! the art that goes into creating buildings is awesome!
Are those apartments?

Thank you for linking up!

In the Heart of Happy said...

That is a really cool shot! Thanks for sharing this!!

Tina said...

Love this's almost like an optical illusion from the way the building goes in and out like that. :)

Patty Ann said...

Love it! That is a terrific building.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Very cool.

Ashley Sisk said...

I really like this.

Bluegrape said...

We often take for granted the things we experience daily but when we freeze time through great photos, we learn to appreciate the beauty in the simplest of things. Thanks for sharing.

Kristen Laudick Photography said...

Very cool shot.

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