Tuesday, February 1, 2011

45 POM Project Begins

This year I have decided to start and finish a 45 POM Project (45 Photos of Me).  To learn more about my POM Project or why I'm doing it, click on over HERE.  Most (if not all) of my POM photos will be hosted on my PAD blog but I thought I'd share my first one over here too :)
Mug Shot
This photo is me on an every day basis--no makeup, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.  I chose to be daring realistic and show who I really am for my first photo.  I thought it went well with the mug shot theme because most people don't look good in mug shots. 

Why did I decide to do a mug shot as my first photo?  For a couple of reasons:
Charge 1:  Bad photographer.
Sentence:  Photography challenges (PAD blog and 45 POM Project being two of them).
Charge 2:  Bad looks.
Sentence:  Keep up with going to the gym (which I'm doing pretty good with), eat better, and start feeling better about how I look.  (Hoping that 45 POMs will help me learn a bit about myself). 
This year I'm going to get better with both my charges.


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Lynda said...

This is great, Jamie! I agree I couldn't do daily self-portraits and wanted to do a self portrait project for the same reasons you outlined!

I'm excited to know another person doing a self-portrait project and look forward to following along!

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea.

Patty Ann said...

You are a braver soul that I am. I don't do self pictures!! I can't manage to look at them objectively so they all look bad.

jet said...

this was classic.. my vanity was showing in mine.. yep.. I couldn't help but do the distance thing. I'll get braver as time goes on. But I do love yours!!1

Michele said...

I am in. I hope I can do this! I hate pictures of myself.. hate, hate, hate. Maybe this will help me get over that!

S.I.F. said...

Love this idea! Such a fun project!

Prairie Mother said...

I've been doing a 365 self portraits and most days I don't have makeup on either. I'm finally learning to like my big pores and baggy eyes and fly away hair. Hey, our kids think we're beautiful this way, why shouldn't we?

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