Thursday, May 19, 2011

GEMomsperience Part 1

I didn't quite know what to expect when I found out I had won a trip to GE Appliances' first ever GE Momsperience from Calie at Broccoli Cupcake.  I kind of thought it was going to be one big sales pitch where we look at the newest GE Appliances, they tell us how great they are, and then GE asks us to blog about them.  Boy was I wrong!  The GE Momsperience went far beyond my expectations!  I had so much fun that I'm going to have to write three posts about the event!

First, and foremost,  GE Appliances brought us to their headquarters to learn from us.  The whole experience was personal, from our names on our lockers, to hand stenciled swag bags.


During our sessions learning about the appliances, we talked just as much, if not more, than they did!


Sure, they gave us small sales pitches about some awesome products (the Advantium oven *drool*) but they also valued our feedback.  I think they were a bit overwhelmed by how much info we gave them about online presence and advertising!


I think Shell from Things I Can't Say summed up my feelings about GE Appliances and the Momsperience pretty well. Please read her post!

Midway through the day of learning about GE Appliances at the GE Monogram Experience Center, we took a break to cook our lunch with top Chefs Joe Castro and Brian Logsdon!

(Did you know that Chef Joe Castro won over Chef Bobby Flay in the Food Network's show Throwdown?  That's HUGE!) I learned so much while cooking with the chefs and made an awesome meal at the same time! (Reminder to self: put it in the pan and LEAVE IT ALONE!)


While eating our fabulous, and most delicious lunch, the President and CEO of GE Appliances, James Campbell, along with the Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer, made a surprise visit!  I don't even think the people who put on our event knew they were coming!  I also don't think the CEO and Mayor were prepared for a bunch of women bloggers begging for photo opps!


Rumor has it that they enjoyed the "celebdom" though :)

After lunch, we enjoyed sharing our laundry secrets/confessions which we wrote out the night before over dirty martinis!


I have SO MUCH more to tell you about this AWESOME event from eclectic artwork and red penguins at the fabulous 21C Museum Hotel, to derby hats at Churchill Downs, to the awesome women I met!  Look for my next two posts coming up later this week!

Love Feast Table is doing a link-up of posts about the GE Momsperience event.  If you want to check out what other people have to say about it, check out their site!

*Disclaimer*  GE Appliances paid for ALL my expenses related to this event however I was NOT asked to write a post about it!  All opinions are strictly my own and of my own will because I truly thought the event was awesome!

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Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Great write up! It was nice meeting you. I hope we see each other again soon.



Anonymous said...

How fun. Looks like a great time.

Heather said...

It was so fun to meet you at the GE Momsperience!
PS - I have a great picture of you with your camera. Will send it to you.

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

Loved reading about Momsperience through your eyes! (Or should I say lens?) ;) So great to meet you!!

Catharine @Bliss Photography said...

ahh.. ummm.. cool! like really cool. so happy for you, what an amazing experience!

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