Monday, May 23, 2011

GEMomsperience Part 2--Fun Women, Fabulous Hats!

I had a blast with some amazing women at GE Appliances' GE Momsperience!  We met on Sunday evening over dirty martinis and derby hat making.


Yes, I said derby hat making!  Dee's Crafts (a professional Kentucky Derby hat maker) helped us make our own derby hats in preparation for our trip to Churchill Downs on Monday night.  Did you know a hat like mine can retail for well over $100?!


Crazy!!  (Above photo courtesy of Love Feast Table)

Anyway, like I said earlier, I met some amazing women!  Bloggers from all different niches were at the GE Momsperience, yet we all got along and found a ton of stuff in common!  Only in a group of bloggers can you talk face-to-face and be on Twitter/Facebook at the same time and no one thinks it's rude.  Only in a group of bloggers can you go around taking photos of all kind of weird things (including all the food you eat) and no one thinks you're crazy.  Only in a group of bloggers can you get so many pictures of yourself because everyone is willing to take photos for you!  Only in a group of bloggers can people ask you to take photos for them to be emailed later.  Only in a group of bloggers can you keep up with people who aren't in the same room with you via Twitter.


After a long, yet super fun day at the GE Monogram Experience Center, and some photo ops with the interactive artwork at the 21C Museum Hotel on Monday...

it was time to head to Churchill Downs (hats and all)!


I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see the actual track at Churchill Downs but it was fun anyway.


We ate some amazing food and sipped on Mint Juleps, interacted with some of GE Appliances various managers, and toured the museum.


What a great time to interact with some of the amazing women I met and bounce around ideas with the GE appliances managers!


(Calie from Broccoli Cupcake who's blog I won my trip from, and Kristen from High Heels and a Hammer with Chris Ann from Love Feast Table--my travel buddies.)


There you have it, fun women and fabulous hats!

To see the first post I wrote about the GE Momsperience, click HERE. To see a list of all the bloggers that went, click HERE or HERE (I'm too lazy to make my own list).

*Disclaimer* GE Appliances paid for all my expenses related to the GE Momsperience including the stuff to make my derby hat and the trip to Churchill Downs.  I was NOT asked to blog about it.  All opinions are my own and of my own will because I had so much fun! 

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Kristen said...

Great post! I love seeing all the fun hats (you look beautiful btw). It was so fun getting to hang out with you.:)

Patty Ann said...

What a fun day!! I love those hats. That would be a great idea for a bunch of girls too.

Sarah said...

How fun!! Great photos and hats.

Mama M. said...

Jamie, that hat is to die for and looks FABULOUS on you!! What an experience you had!

Rebecca Bany said...

Looks like fun!

Mrs. Mommy said...

LOVE the pics and the fun hats! Now update my button on your blog =)

Vintage Ladies Hats said...

Lovely photos! I'm sure you all had a great experience. The hats are beautiful and all look great on all of you! :)

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