Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nursing Station Gingerbread House

Tomorrow will be another photography lesson but today I just had to share my thoughts on our Nursing Station Gingerbread House.

Something about gingerbread houses grosses me out in general. I mean you put icing and candy on cookies and then you leave them sitting out in the open for weeks at a time.  The gingerbread house that sat at our nurses station at work grosses me out even more. One of our patients made it for us. It wouldn't be so bad but look where we decided to display it:

YUCK!  It's in the middle of the unit surrounded by a bunch of germs!  I realize that no one is actually going to eat it but the thought just makes me sick!  What would have happened if some little kid did walk by and decide to pick a piece off?  After all, we are a Children's Hospital and we have a lot of kids running around.
Why am I so hung up on this now?  After all, we threw away that gingerbread house after Christmas.  I'm hung up on it because I went to get something out of our family lounge today and look what I found sitting on top of the fridge!

Again, cute but YUCK!
 I'll conclude this little rant about our Nurses Station Gingerbread House with a fun picture of me and my favorite co-worker, Megan.  She was leaving from Christmas night shift, and I was coming in for Christmas day shift :)

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Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

I really don't think a gingerbread house would survive for long enough to acquire germs in our house!

The Garden Bell said...

These are just too cute. Love the last one.... Sneek me a bite.

Keep having fun with your camera. It's all about playing around. Remember, to take snap of the strange things you see. It's those that turn out to be the funniest. The things most miss see.

Arizona Mamma said...

I love gingerbread houses! They always look so tempting to eat.

I have a new date for your post on my blog. Sorry for the mix up, but I have one for tomorrow, and the following week, so I will place yours on the 19th. I have it all ready to go, just scheduled to post. So be sure to save the date, and remind your readers to go check out your recipe. Thanks for participating.

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