Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! A Photography Challenge

The author of Pooh's Corner posted a photography challenge in my community so of course I had to check it out!  The challenge was to show your best "bubble" picture.  I don't have any photos of bubbles on-hand, so yesterday I had to get out my camera, grab my daughter's bubbles, and start snapping away.
 This challenge was definitely a CHALLENGE!  Who knew taking pictures of bubbles would be so hard?!
It was a bit windy...
and I got a little light headed from blowing so many bubbles (my daughter couldn't quite get the hang of it).
Bubbles also have a mind of their own.  They just don't go where you want or expect them to go.

Though I took well over 100 pictures, I only came up with 4 that I liked.   Those four still required some creative cropping and a bit of post processing color boost.  Note that all four were shot with a point-and-shoot camera!

If you want to join in this photography challenge (open till May 1st), head on over to Pooh's Corner to see the details/rules and enter.

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Latté Mama said...

That's a great idea! My daughter loves playing with bubbles, I hadn't thought to take pictures.

Christina said...

Love your pictures! Bubbles are a challenge to photography........that's what made it more fun. hehe

Christina said...

If you don't mind...I want to post one of your bubble pictures on my page today.

Catharine @Bliss Photography said...

Your photos are really looking great, being outside in natural light always gives photos such a wonderful look!

Dawn said...

Beautiful shots! Hard to believe they were done with a point and shoot!

Great job!

I'll try to participate!

Reagan said...

Love the photo of the bubble on the white flower. Amazing.

Michelle said...

Nice pictures. I guess this is how grown ups play with bubbles. You're never too old for bubbles! I love it when my kids get them out and chase the bubbles around. It's great exercise! I'll get my camera out next time.

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