Saturday, July 31, 2010

Self Timer Pictures

This was supose to be my post yesterday.  That was before I got my new camera.  I figured I should post these quick before I get caught up playing with my new camera and forget that my old camera did take some pretty good pictures. 

Just for fun on Thursday I decided to take get out my tripod, set the camera to self timer, and take some pictures of me and the girls together.  I don't really have any recent pictures of us.  Hubby never takes them so it's up to me to do them by myself.  Even when Hubby does (on a very rare occasion) try to take pictures, he doesn't really know how.  Remember these?)  Here's the best three of my self timer photo shoot:

A little creative cropping and slight color correction...these aren't half bad!  They'll definitely add to the limited collection of pictures I have with my girls.

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1 comment:

Lori said...

You guys are so cute! Thanks for the fun photos.

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